2015/16 Season Awards, the figures so far, Jan16 Update

Posted by Chris Nightingale on 3 January 2016

Update on awards standings:


 The run up to Christmas was fairly slow on the goalscoring front, partly due to numerous oppositions not being able to field sides. However the low tallies do mean its very close, so it is worth restating the tie break rules. In the overall goalscorer competition if two players are level on goals then the player who has scored his goals at the higher level will win. If in the same team then the player who scored the goals in the least games wins. If played the same number of games, then the player who scored in the most games wins ie consistent scoring not just a lot of goals in one game.


Current Standings Overall Top Scorer

 Sam Aldersley          10

Martin Jandu            9

Gary O'Sullivan         9

Mark Wilson             7

Kram Lally                 7


1st team , Mark Wilson 4

2nd Team Martin Jandu 9

3rd Team Sam Aldersley 10

4th Team Kram Lally 7

5th Team Callum Nightingale & Mike Savage 5 goals each.

Current standings Best Goalkeeper must play minimum 10 league games

Luke Archer         1.33 goals per game

Ian Dillworth       1.56 goals per game

Craig Thomas      2.25 goals per game

Top two very close played the same number of games and only two goals in it.



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