The 2015/16 Award winners are...

Posted by Chris Nightingale on 21 March 2016

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Players of the Season

  • 1st XI - Simon Palmer

  • 2nd XI – Luke Archer

  • 3rd XI – Elliot Gwilt

  • 4th XI – Dilraj Samra

  • 5th XI - Callum Nightingale

  • Fathoms – Simon Bullock

  • Badgers – Jack Pearson

  • Indoor – Mike Birch

  • Indoor (Captain's choice) -- Ryan Harding

  • Top Goalscorers

  • 1st XI – Andy Peters

  • 2nd XI – Martin Jandu

  • 3rd XI – Sam Aldersley

  • 4th XI – Kram Lally

  • 5th XI - Callum Nightingale 

  • Indoor – Mike Birch

    Club Top Goalscorer

The club top scorer competition went down to the last ten minutes of the season. With osullivan and lally having sneaked a game in the third team,  they both scored a goal. Leaving Aldersley and Jandu needing to score 2 to deny osullivan victory. 3 2 down with 15 mins to go this looked unlikely, but with a deflected equaliser Jandu was back in the hunt. Minutes later wulfs had a short corner, the ever optimistic Wilson thought he should take it! Jandu overruled and scored,  to the loudest collective groan heard for many a year. So Jandu sneaks in for the fifth consecutive year, just like ant & dec apparently. 

  • Martin Jandu

    Club Top Goalkeeper

  • Luke Archer (2nd XI)

  • Indoor -- Luke Archer

  • Clubman of the Year

  • Harj Duhra

Harj Duhra

  • Presidents Bowl Award

  • Ian Wall

    Fun Awards

  • Jamie Archer --  Sports Photographer 

  • Alan Brown -- Mythbusted Award

  • George Jandu -- Einstein

  • Matt Griffiths -- Kinky Boots

  • Martin Jandu -- Ant & Dec Award

  • Colin Pearson -- Ronaldo Stepover Award


Click HERE to see a Selection of the Award Photos


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