Archer impresses locals at Stourport

Posted by Chris Nightingale on 27 June 2016

Stourport Tournament 26th June.

Old Wulfs travelled to Sourport for their annual 6-a-side tournament, this year 6 teams were entered and the format followed that of the Champions Trophy with of course the same high level quality you expect associated wit such a prestigious competition.

Old Wulfs had a mixture of results 2 wins 1 draw and 2 losses, which eventually saw them playing off the 3rd verses 4th play off. Old Wulfs narrowly lost this final game, however they put an excellent performance across the tournament.

Old Wulfs put on good displays in each game ensuring they remained competitive through out the tournament, with some spectators and umpires stating “When you play the ball around you guys become unplayable”. Luke Archer had an amazing day in goal pulling off numerous top class saves, which had the crowd applauding him and leaving some players and teams wandering what they had to do to beat him.

Overall the team were very happy with their performances and were grateful that it stayed bright and sunny through the day, although the sunburn on some player’s faces and arms will say otherwise. #PrayForGriff.

The results were; Pool matches Stourport Blue 3 – 3 Old Wulfs Ben Humpherson Matthew Griffiths Ryan Harding Old Wulfs 3 - 1 Droitwich Ben Humpherson Ben Humpherson Matthew Griffiths Stourport Gold 2 - 1 Old Wulfs Michael Birch Old Wulfs 1 – 4 Old Hales Will Ashworth Stourport White 0 – 2 Old Wulfs Will Ashworth Ben Humpherson 3rd verses 4th play off Stourport Gold 3 – 2 Old Wulfs Will Ashworth Dave Ward.

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