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Posted by Colin Pearson on 25 March 2013

Our over 40s team travelled up to Manchester for a tournament that looked like it would be cancelled given the heavy snow in the Midlands. But as we travelled up the M6 it became apparent the NorthWest had missed out on the bad weather.

And so nursing hangovers of biblical proportions we took on the unfamiliar likes of Nuneaton and the more familiar Wolverhampton to battle for glory.

But it wasn't really the beer that ruined our chances and probably not even the curry, but some viciously spicy chutneys at the curry house on Saturday night. So, holding our butt cheeks tightly together for fear of disaster we took to the pitch in sub-zero conditions.

A goalless draw in our first game was made possible only by some inventive goalkeeping, and we should have taken 3 points. And we duly did so in the second game thanks to the deadly Jandu.

The third game saw us face the most accomplished side we could come up against, and when we went a goal behind it looked bad; but we battled back and levelled it thanks to a wonder-strike from Rhys Jones.

And so it was down to the final game vs Wolverhampton. Unfortunately we didn't turn up for that one. The Wolves/K'Ford combined team punished us with 4 goals. On the upside, they then got wiped out in the semi final. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Back to the bar where Z Khan drilled us on the etiquette of swinging.

Congrats to Bebington (who?) on their victory in the final.


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