2nd Team Vs Sikh Union Coventry 2nds

Date 20 September 2014
Team 2nd Team
Opposition Sikh Union Coventry 2nds
Fixture Home
Venue Wolverhampton Grammar School
Start time 13:30
Result L 2 - 6
Time played
Match Report

A very tough, but clean game today against a very very strong team. Old Wulfs started quite poor as we settled down and greeted each other internally with the new team members this week and after mid week cryoffs changed the team some what!!

So how did we do.

1sat quarter - poor

2nd quarter - better

3rd quarter - even better and more control in our passing

4th quarter - good but losing that good solid pass

Simply we had a poor start but picked up very well,  then as the score changed, our play changed, and we slowly lost the team ethic of close passing, running on, help each other etc  that we are trying to install into the 2nds.

This type of game and the opposing team we have played today is exactly what we needed, a wake up call that the opposition will not back off,  will not rest, will not allow you to wait for the ball, they will be there before you.

The 2nds goes into the final week before the League starts with a away match verses  Worcester 3rds which wil be another tough game.

We are still yet to have a settled team and hopefully next week will be the foundations of a strong season to come.

Final mention to the players George Jandu and Tom Ward for having a quality games today in thier first 2nd team run out.

So final Score was a loss of 2-6

Goals by George Jandu (great deflect from a long corner while the Captain was still aguing for a short corner!)

Owen Shave (credited to Owen after an 'in-off' from a defender)





Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Ian Dillworth 1
Rob Hemmings 16
Chris Nightingale 18
Rhys Jones 20
Alex Thompson 21
Richard Roberts 28
Tom Ward 42
Eddie Thompson 57