4th Team Vs Sutton Coldfield 7

Date 28 February 2015
Team 4th Team
Opposition Sutton Coldfield 7
Fixture Away
Venue Wyndley Leisure Centre Clifton Road Sutton Coldfield B73 6EB
Start time 13:30
Result L 1 - 3
Time played
Match Report

This was always going to be our toughest game of the season, and following the home fixture where a red card was sown to a Sutton substitute it could have a bit more needle than normal. Fortunately, both teams got on and played hockey instead of using this as a resumption of hostilities, it was helped by generally good umpiring.

The amount of possession and chances in the first half was fairly even, but Sutton scored with their opportunities, whereas we hit the post on several occasions! Their first goal came from a well worked short corner struck at pace just outside the goal where the incoming injector touched it in. They tried this on 2 later occasions, without success. Sutton’s other 2 goals came from counter attacks, making good use of the speed of their forward line.

So at half time we went in 3-0 down, but not having been outplayed or played badly. We re-organized to go to a diamond formation in the second half, which was more effective, although they still had the threat of their fast counter attacks. We again had plenty of opportunities with Sam Aldersley and Sam Colman both going close on occasions, but without success. On the final whistle we got a short corner, from the short corner the shot went against the legs of a Sutton player, and out. The final whistle was blown for the second time, but the other umpire signalled for a flick, and we were asked by the umpire if we wanted to take it! Of course we did and Adrian Hill stepped up to roll it in under the keeper! Their keeper was highly p*****d off, so it was not a totally wasted afternoon!

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards