2nd Team Vs Interclub

Date 15 November 2014
Team 2nd Team
Opposition Interclub
Fixture Away
Venue Aldesley Stadium
Start time 12:30
Result L 2 - 4
Time played
Match Report

A combination of an opposition team  cry off and the ever increasing number of teams that are pulling out of leagues, resulted in the 2nds, 5ths and Fathoms all not having games this weekend and so the obvious outcome to avoid multiple shopping, DIY or clearing out the garage experiences was an interclub game.

Luckily, 22 people turned up (no complicated subs rotas today!) and sides selected by the scientific approach of putting all the names on a piece paper and going red, white, red , white, red… well you get the idea. This actually resulted in two quite balanced sides and so I would commend this selection strategy simplification to Richard for Monday nights!

Battle commenced in a very evenly balanced first half with everyone playing in a true interclub spirit involving everyone on the pitch. The stalemate was broken after about 15 minutes when Rowlands J, (whites) home on a rare visit from University where a 12.30 push back 5 minutes away from where he was staying constitutes an early start, managed a lucky shot that clipped Rowlands S pads and looped into the goal. He of course disputes the word “lucky”, but as history is written by the winners, or in this case the man who has access to the reports section of the website, my definition of the truth stands.

The second half started well for both sides and within five minutes of the restart reds were level with a well struck shot from Mr Tippins (I think – apologies if it wasn’t him). However, after this the flaws of the above selection process started to show as the relative youth (excluding Barry Greatrex), speed and skill (including Barry Greatrex) of the whites forward line became apparent with good goals coming in fairly rapid succession from Messrs Craddock, Rowlands J (again!) and someone referred to on the team sheet as “Andy Cooper Jnr’s mate” who also went by the name of Warren.

Reds managed to pull a second goal out of the hat (no idea who scored it I was cleaning my glasses at the time) after making the tactical enhancement of sneaking an extra player onto the pitch who had come down to watch – more teams should try this, it works.

That’s how the game ended. A thoroughly enjoyable run around for all concerned and a great way to ensure that 22 people got a game of hockey that otherwise wouldn’t. Given the problems of other clubs in the Midlands this will happen a number of times this season so when it is your team’s turn to lose their game please do still make yourself available to either help out another team or participate in this sort of event – it’s one of the things that makes this Club so strong.

Steve Rowlands


Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Ian Dillworth 1
Rob Hemmings 16
Alex Thompson 21
Chris Tibble 29
Tom Ward 42
Ricky Lally 44
Andrew Cooper 54