2nd Team Vs Wolverhampton

Date 22 February 2014
Team 2nd Team
Opposition Wolverhampton
Fixture Away
Venue Aldersley
Start time 14:00
Result L 1 - 2
Time played
Match Report

Wolverhampton 2-1 Old Wulfs


Chris Tutton (1)


Just don’t ask. In fact, don’t even read this, it’s killing me to write it. They scored early on, we equalised instantly, before going through the game wasting every short corner and every chance we had (and there were quite a few). This was accompanied by a couple of game changing umpiring decisions. First, Cooper was hacked down off the ball by the Wolverhampton captain. One umpire shrugged and allowed play to go on, and the other stopped the game a few seconds later to ask us to stop shouting ‘you dirty b******’, because in his opinion it was an accidental collision. Then, with a couple of minutes left the ball was controlled by a Wolverhampton foot in the Wulfs D, and as sod’s law goes in that kind of situation, found its way into the net after a goalmouth scramble. The umpire repeatedly told us that he didn’t see it, which is fair enough, but unfortunately ‘honest to God' won’t change the result of the match. In the interests of not sounding completely bitter, credit should go to both teams for an open, competitive game, a Wolverhampton team weakened by half term played very well and caused us several problems going forward.


OH, and one more thing. Just to kick us while we’re down, Leamington (who hadn’t won since early November) somehow managed a win against top of the league, which closes the gap to four points before we play them next week. On a completely unrelated topic, just for those of you who enjoy keeping up with the intricate details of the MRHA, Leamington first team didn’t have a game this week. For those of you who ignored my advice at the start, thanks for reading my best Manuel Pellegrini impression. Now please excuse me, I’m off to do a NekNomination with a large bottle of bleach.



MOTM: Joe Satchwell, who for the first time in living memory turned up ON TIME!

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Ian Dillworth 1 Goalkeeper
Chris Nightingale 18 Defender
Rhys Jones 20 Defender
Alex Thompson 21 Defender
Richard Roberts 28 Midfielder
Chris Tibble 29 Forward
Owen Shave 37 Forward
Ricky Lally 44 Defender
Andrew Cooper 54 Defender