1st Team Vs Stafford

Date 16 March 2013
Team 1st Team
Opposition Stafford
Fixture Home
Venue Wolverhampton Grammar School
Start time 14:00
Result W 5 - 0
Time played
Scorers Owen Shave, William Ashworth (2)
Match Report

To begin with, let's talk about the yellow card. The game was umpired with some skill. Very few mistakes, plenty of positive decisions and the game was allowed to flow. However... during the second half our great leader Mr Griffiths slipped and fell, losing the ball, and dropped his stick. Yellow card says the umpire! Everybody just roared with uncontrolled laughter. Well I did anyway.

Anyway I should say something about the game considering it was one of our best performances of the season. Stafford began brightly, moving the ball well, but without really creating much. Mr Pearson beat away a high shot from a tight angle, but apart from that the visitors were restricted to one or two weak penalty corner efforts.

Wulfs grew into the game and soon worked out how to penetrate the defence. Shave and Ashworth struck to give Wulfs a 2-0 advantage at the half, the first goal especially was one of great pulchritude, a move that began with Litchfield in defence and owing much to the skills of Man-of-the-Season Ablard.

Knowing that Stafford could still pose a threat Wulfs began the second half cautiously, and as a result lost a little shape so the men in white were able to build. Denied centrally by the might of Brown they tried the right flank, but once in the corner it was Griffiths and even "I can't afford new boots" Pritchard in support who snuffed out the threat.

Then a quick double strike from Thorpe sealed the points. In the first half he had been denied a penalty corner goal when the ball hit the keepers foot and went high into the net. This time an identical strike rattled the cowering back-board. Justin wants "celebration of the year" but I'm afraid that still goes to Ashworth for his Brian Blessed impression last week. When Thorpe battered a second home he knew it was nearly time to put his tooth back in. Ashworth humiliated the keeper to make it 5.

One more game at Blossomfield and it will be party time. Again.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Colin Pearson 1 Goalkeeper
Alan Brown 2 Defender
Matthew Griffiths 3 Midfielder Yellow
Darryl Ablard 7 Midfielder
William Ashworth 14 Forward 2
Matthew Cartwright 17 Midfielder
Matthew Litchfield 19 Defender
Owen Shave 37 Forward 1