6th Team Vs West Bromwich 4

Date 18 February 2017
Team 6th Team
Opposition West Bromwich 4
Fixture Home
Venue Wolverhampton Grammar School
Start time 12:00
Result W 3 - 0
Time played Normal time
Match Report

The was conceded by West Brom on Friday but they still came and played the game as a friendly. Chan offered to play for them ( to be on the winning team). We started strong with Josh running down the left wing. Josh broke through the centre to draw the keeper and then slipped the ball to James with an open goal and.... what a miss!!!!. West Brom then went striaght down to our end and scored. 0-1 at half time.

Second half and we soaked the pressure from them at the start and trying to catch them on the break, but only to fail again they scores 3 more. We had attack after attack, shots just wide, shots stopped on the line by guess who.( not once but 3 times). Ricky in the end got one.

Final Score 1-4 (oh and Chan is not playing for the opposition again!)


Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
James Archer
Adam Calloway
Kieran Patel
Andrew Rowley
Steve Saunders
Nick Taylor
Bob Preese
Charanjit Singh
Joshua Wilson
Ray Jeff
Thomas Maundrell
Arun Lally
Barrie Sheldon
Ricky Lally
Adrian Hill