3rd Team Vs Wolverhampton

Date 10 December 2016
Team 3rd Team
Opposition Wolverhampton
Fixture Home
Venue Wolverhampton Grammar School
Start time 12:00
Result W 3 - 2
Time played Normal time
Match Report

The last game before Christmas was a tight game against Wolverhampton. The game was a very close game and a very end to end game from start to finish. A wonderful game to end the year!

The game started off with not just Old Wulfs attacking the opposition’s goal but also with Wolverhampton creating a few solid chances from the get go. However the first goal came from a solid Old Wulfs attack where the ball falls to Simon in the D who manages to squeeze the ball between the legs of the keeper to give the Old Wulfs lads a 1-0 lead. However for about 10-15 minutes after this goal came Wolverhampton fought hard to snatch a goal back and with a lot of pressure being put on the Old Wulfs defence they manage to grab an equaliser that the team could do nothing about. This did not drop the spirits of the boys in red as they fought harder to give them themselves the upper hand just before the half time whistle blew and that they did as Jandu strikes the ball in to the goal, putting Old Wulfs ahead 2-1 as they saw the game out until half time. 

The second half started with Old Wulfs on the back foot as Wolverhampton come out fighting and searching for a second goal that they potentially deserved at this point in the game however Old Wulfs stayed strong and held their ground against such threatening attack. Old Wulfs even managed to sneak a few chances against the run of play but were unfortunate not to find glory at the end of one of their chances until Simon puts a strong cross into the D for Seb to then put into the goal and relieving Old Wulfs of some pressure for a while as they had a 2 goal lead. However the 2 goal lead was short lived as Wolverhampton did manage to bounce back and grab a goal, reducing the goal margin to 1 and therefore applying the pressure to Old Wulfs. Wolverhampton now went all out attack trying to grab an equaliser against Old Wulfs and they would’ve found that equaliser if it wasn’t for Craig in goal who had an outstanding game from start to finish, making numerous saves and was a huge part of Old Wulfs’ victory over Wolverhampton in the end. The game ended 3-2.

In 2016 Old Wulfs 3rd team has played substantially well and have managed to grab a number of outstanding results against some very solid opponents. Well done to the lads this side of the season and hopefully the amazing play will continue throughout 2017.

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