3rd Team Vs Stone

Date 5 November 2016
Team 3rd Team
Opposition Stone
Fixture Away
Venue Uttoxeter
Start time 15:30
Result W 3 - 1
Time played Normal time
Match Report

This match was a hard game in all with Stone being top of the league and Old Wulfs pushing hard to get the win. The game started off with us only having the bare 11 and with high value targets to meet, this was key to pushing hard from the start. 

The game started with them pushing back and we quickly mopped up the attack and started to press, we came high and defended hard many times but with one quick break at Matt Willies and a quick pass to Simon Evans (who was running like the speed of a thousand gazels) into the D who strikes and opens up the goals of the game. 

They then managed to get a scrappy goal.

We restarted and looked high as we wanted the win. Simon picked the ball up from some more massive defencive work who the sent the ball screaming (like a bomb from a plane) onto the stick of The Eddie Thompson who then smashed it home into the back board keeping their keeper on the wrong post.

The kept pressing hard against us the defence with Minty, Ell, Harj, Rog, Cox and Acton fighting hard keeping them out working and pushing up keeping the midfield in shape while Dill was shouting where he needed the cover and making some nice saves to keep us in the game.

With a re -group at half time we rehydrated and got ready as the win was in reach.  

We started off again hard as nails but they broke, and again minty flat stick challanged to then pass the ball off to Elliot. We took off down the line there Simon was waiting in the D (the target was in sight) with Simon winding up, he shot at the keeper and a few rebounds later the ball was slotted into the back of the goal nicely.

With many short corners given but sadly non scored we had got the game.

With Cox getting a green card and with 4 secconds left they had one last chance... twe had almost won it... they pushed everyone into our half... injected in with pace but the bomb was dropped from top D with a massive dive to ground level by Roger Cooper... they had missed.

The final whistle went. We won, WE BECAME TOP OF THE LEAGUE " hurahhh" 

We had our own injured players, but they managed to keep going BEN ACTON and ELLIOT GWILT the players will be in full playing action shortly

Man of the match was... SIMON EVANS

With victory calls from the club captain Richard Cartwright, Martin Jandu and Chris Nightingale.

This keeps us top of the league.

Till next week 'hurahh!'


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