2nd Team Vs Kings Heath Pickwick

Date 22 October 2016
Team 2nd Team
Opposition Kings Heath Pickwick
Fixture Home
Venue Wolverhampton Grammar School
Start time 13:30
Result W 6 - 2
Time played
Scorers Chris Nightingale (1), Richard Roberts (1), Sam Buckley (1), Member not found (3)
Match Report

 With our 3rd game undefeated in league, we took to the side that is King Heaths Pickwick. With a fresh face to the team, Callum Nightingale making his 2nd team league debut. With only the bare 11 due to Tibble pulling his hamstring while briskly making his way to the train it was going to be a game we all needed to work for. 

With standing captain Chris Nightingale giving the pre-match team talk our spirits were high to have a good game.

We started well applying pressure to the opposition in their half. A few rough decisions and counter attacks later we had a break down the wing to Buckley who slapped it accross the circle to Callum at the near post who finished it away with a deflection into the bottom corner past the goalkeeper. A couple of minutes had passed when we had passed the ball to Buckley who slotted it away nicely into the bottom right corner from the top of the D. With our heads held high we kept battling until a mistake ball was played into an opposition player in the centre who passed it to a player on the back line and scored a sweaty goal passing it around Luke to slot it away. And then we had a counter, with Roberts running through several players after a pass from the back to walk into the D, shoot and therefore score. 3-1 at the half.

The half time team talk mostly consisted of the usual stuff about passing  the ball out wide and winning short corners but we got our heads down on the push and started to work, work hard indeed. With a high press we held our shape with some nice passing around the back and a few chances missed we kept on playing. After several missed chances a ball was fired into the D which after a clash went high into the air and fell onto Callum's stick at shoulder height which got a deflection into the ground, through the keepers legs and into the goal. 4-1.  Next they broke, passing the ball and then running  until they got to our twenty-five and smashed in a ball which got a deflection into the goal which couldnt be saved by Luke in any manner. Yet we fought on waiting for our lead to be increased , and that's exactly what happened with Sam Buckley hitting a backhand shot passed the keepers shoulder yet onto the head of Callum's stick which was hit down into the net. 5-2. A short period later and the ball ended up with Sam Aldersley who passed the ball to Richard Roberts who quickly passed the ball into Callum and  reverse passed the ball to Chris Nightingale with a fumble about at his feet he slotted it away smoothly into the goal. 6-2.  Plenty of short corners throughout the game, all with good humour with Stuarts quiet talking (shouting), head nodding (in player going to recieve the ball), and finger counting. All in which the keeper picked up the routine and stopped goals from being scored from the short corners awarded.

A great debut for Callum with a hat-trick, man of the match and a jug purchased for the team.

3 points! 3 points! 3 points!

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Luke Archer 1 Goalkeeper
Alan Brown 2 Defender
Rob Hemmings 16 Defender
Chris Nightingale 18 Defender 1
Alex Thompson 21 Defender
Richard Roberts 28 Midfielder 1
Chris Tibble 29 Midfielder
Ed Hole 32 Midfielder
Sam Buckley 62 Forward 1
Sam Aldersley 81 Forward