1st Team Vs West Bromwich

Date 19 November 2016
Team 1st Team
Opposition West Bromwich
Fixture Away
Venue Aston Uni B43 7AJ
Start time 13:10
Result L 0 - 2
Time played
Match Report

OWHC turned up to West Brom knowing that they would have little warm up time due to the pitch share, so a prompt arrival from everyone was required, however some players struggled to get it to grips with their sat navs and turned up late. 

The game started brightly for OWHC, passing smoothly and quickly, and West Brom were unable to cope with the off the ball movement. This saw two chances created, the first a lovely opening for Mike Birch who had to hit the target, but skied it over the bar. The second was a lovely through ball to James Cox who went one on one with the keeper but maintained the habit of a lifetime and rolled the ball wide of the post.

The first half followed the same trend, with chances falling to OWHC but an allergy to goals appeared to prevent us from exiting the first half with a lead. 0-0 at half time with Old Wulfs being unlucky not to take the lead.

The second half saw West Brom spring into life. OWHC conceded a short corner that West Brom took advantage of. A flick on target deflected off Colin's stick in to the net. Dave on the post was unable to stop the shot as the deflection took it away from him. 

The second half continued to be all West Brom, Old Wulfs not focusing on the basics and wasting chances. Old Wulfs lost top goal scorer and captain Mike Birch to injury. A dangerous lifted ball hitting him on the thumb, fracturing and crushing his carpal putting him out for 6 to 8 weeks. 

An adjustment in the midfield was required with Griff dropping in to cover. Old Wulfs pressing for an equaliser were caught on the break as Shave lost the ball and West Brom passed there way through to score a tap in. Final score 2-0. Old Wulfs were the better side and should have won this game. However missed opportunities meant West Brom were allowed to stay in the game. 

A wake up call for Old Wulfs who cannot afford any more loses if they want to get promoted. More commitment required from players to attend training. Fines will be implemented after Christmas. 

Man of the match: Simon Palmer

DOD: went to Owen, Louis and James for being late and for giving the captain more work to do! 

Written by Owen Shave, Louis Brazenall and James Cox (Hockey friends) 

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Colin Pearson 1 Goalkeeper
Matthew Griffiths 3 Defender
Darryl Ablard 7 Midfielder
Kam Maan 10 Defender
William Ashworth 14 Forward
Matthew Litchfield 19 Midfielder
Simon Palmer 22 Defender
Owen Shave 37 Utility
Adam Aldersley 46 Utility
David Cartwright 69 Defender