5th Team Vs Stone 4

Date 31 October 2015
Team 5th Team
Opposition Stone 4
Fixture Away
Venue Stone Hockey Club
Start time 15:30
Result W 5 - 0
Time played Normal time
Scorers Member not found (3), Mike Savage (2)
Match Report

With yet another master class given to Team 5 the week prior something had to change, and change it did! With minor tweaks from Mr Vice and a few key men away on international duties a reshaped Team 5 travelled to “Sunny” Stone.

Stone were prepared and stacked up with a well balanced side of experience, legs and power…However with a well tuned in and disciplined Team 5, Stone were on the back foot for the whole of the match.

There was plenty of running end to end but with each break the whole of the pitch was utilised and Team 5 really did dominate. Mentions go out to each and every player this week as we saw “Bullet” Callum Nightingale finally open his goal scoring account with a whopping 3 goals, “Doc” Savage added another 2 to his own tally, “The Commish” Barry Sheldon supported every attacking play with some very intelligent passing, “Speedy” Simon Heron held the width along with Karam enabling freedom along each channel left and right, “Our Willie” Graham Dick looked very comfortable in his newly appointed position, Nasher was strong as ever and held the line, “Doc” Foster back from international duties ran some fantastic play at the final third of the pitch, Stevooo Saunders stepping into some very big shoes did a fantastic job keeping a clean sheet while “The Cat” was away this week and as ever “Mr Vice” held the team together by commanding like a battlefield tactician.

Man of the match went to Andy “The Exocet” Cooper for running and running and passing and running and running a tad more……..In essence it was a fantastic performance from each and every man on the field of battle!

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Neil Ward Defender
Charles Nash Defender
Barrie Sheldon Forward
Mike Savage Forward 2
Andrew Cooper Midfielder
Rachel Saunders Goalkeeper