3rd Team Vs West Bromwich

Date 9 January 2016
Team 3rd Team
Opposition West Bromwich
Fixture Away
Venue Aston University Recreation Ground, Birmingham Rd, Birmingham B43 7AJ
Start time 11:50
Result L 0 - 5
Time played Normal time
Match Report

Today’s match was abit of a mess, in being the first match back from Christmas, this was a very hard match, with them having 2 very skilful players positioned as CM and CF.

As we started off hard and with little mistakes we held the game in full view of the “WIN”, then some silly long distance passing that was just cut out by there team with ease, this gave them the advantage and pushing them repeatedly into our defensive line making it very hard for us, to keep away from multiple attacks.

With generous attacks from our team that was just unable to finish, with some of the team trying to be to flamboyant
e.g. Owain “cpt” trying to put a jump in on the shot (yh well this didn’t work) and sam trying to go reverse on 99% of shots (to easy to mop up at the back)

This made the game very one sided, by half time it was 4-0 with Owain off the pitch after a stick to the head (no sense no feeling)

The second half was a better game for us only coinciding one, rhys with a green card and getting told that Elliot’s sliding tackle was the fairest in the game?? ( thank you mr umpire)

Well held up the play and started to get more open play but sadly was to late as heads dropped and we missed out!

Never mind lads chins up!

See you next week!!! “HURAHHH”

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Craig Thomas 0 Goalkeeper
Rhys Jones 20 Midfielder Green
Eddie Thompson 57 Midfielder
Roger Cooper 64 Defender
Simon Evans 67 Midfielder
Sam Aldersley 81 Forward
Martyn Cox 84 Defender