2nd Team Vs Wednesbury

Date 30 January 2016
Team 2nd Team
Opposition Wednesbury
Fixture Away
Venue WILLENHALL E-ACT ACADEMY Furzebank Way Willenhall WV12 4BD
Start time 14:00
Result L 1 - 2
Time played
Scorers Chris Nightingale (1)
Match Report

The weekend started with a great opportunity for us to grab some points and consolidate our position towards the top of the table.


We started well in the first 15 minutes with some good build up play but came up against a robust (in both attitude and stature) Wednesbury defence who packed the D. We managed to get a few shots on goal but when we did get past the defence we were thwarted by a very agile goalkeeper.


Things then went down hill when Wednesbury put together a few passes and managed to put the ball past Luke. This gave them a significant lift and they put us under pressure for the rest of the half with some good passing and pace moving forward. When we did get the ball we either undone by poor passing or a lack of inventiveness when trying to get through a packed defence. 1-0 at half time.


We earned a short corner early in the second half which Jandu thwacked towards the goal but was thwarted by a combination of defender and goalkeeper only to see Nightingale steel in at the back post to force the ball in generating smidgen of optimism.


Unfortunately Old Wulfs continued to poorly execute the basics of the game and failed to create any clear cut chances.


Then, in what can only be described as scene reminiscent from Brokeback Mountain, one of the Wednesbury players got a little familiar with Al Brown. Following some initial cuddling things quickly turned sour when he tried to put his stick where Al didn't want it. Al, realising they weren't seeing eye to eye decided it would help the situation if he lifted the player up by his throat so they were on the same level. A number of Wednesbury players then decided to join in and their particularly aggressive no 4 waded in and for some reason was telling us all he would "see us next Tuesday". The result of this was a yellow for Al and a 1 min 30 second green for the initial Wednesbury aggravator.


This failed to inspire us to improve our play and Wednesbury continued to press and eventually got another goal. This sparked scenes of much hooping and hollering from them which is to expected from a team not used to winning (no sense of bitterness here). 


All in all a very frustrating day.

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Luke Archer 1
Alan Brown 2 Yellow
Chris Nightingale 18 1
Alex Thompson 21
Chris Tibble 29
Martin Jandu 30
Ed Hole 32
Ricky Lally 44
Adam Aldersley 46
Andrew Cooper 54
Matt McNay 94